Reach farmers/dealers without setting up field-force

Harabaag provides a number of services to agri-input sellers (manufacturers, distributors, startups, etc) to help them reach their customers.  


Harbaag's Agri-Input Dealer Network

Harabaag has a rich database of Agri-Input Dealers in Maharashtra.  Through our Sakhi call-center, we have talked with over 32,000 dealers in Maharashtra, out of which we are interacting with 10,000 regularly (at least once a month).  According to our estimates, we will have talked with all 50,000 dealers by end of June 2019.

In our regular interactions with dealers, we have a good understanding of their product needs, their buying habits and paying capacity.  With data available to us, we are able to create efficient marketing/sales campaigns targeting them.

Case Studies


For an Agri equipment manufacturer we called 500 farmers and 500 Dealers to educate them about the product and inquiries. It turns out that there is a demand for the product. No we are selling it everyday.


For a Karnataka based Agri manufacturer, Harabaag is handling all Maharashtra sales and distribution activities.


We are working with territory managers of 3 top companies and providing another marketing channel to help them meet their sales quotas.

Our Services

Customer Acquisition


Based on our high-quality database, Harabaag can identify farmers/dealers who will be interested in your product

Product Promotions

Harabaag can help you design and execute online/offline marketing and sales campaigns to promote your products.

Product Leads/Sales


Using our Sakhis and Sanchalks, Harabaag generates leads and order for products of its customers

New Product Setup


Marketing a new product requires a different approach from an established product.  We can help you with competitor identification, product positioning & promotions, pricing strategy, etc.

Product Distribution


Customers with non-license products can use Harabaag’s warehouses and CNF facilities for deliveries to dealers/farmers.

Market Research


Competitive surveys, pricing research, product pricing, product perceptions

Engagement Model

Straight Commission


For products with fast moving ready market

Pay per Call


Ideal for market research, product promotions



For promotion and sales of new products


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